Bridges General Information

The Belief
At Bridges Accelerated Learning Center, the belief is that there is potential within each student to succeed. Bridges provides opportunities and support for each student to reach educational, personal, and occupational goals. Bridges is an academic school with an alternative structure allowing students to complete the required course work for graduation. Students must be enrolled in Grapevine or Colleyville Heritage High School and are selected to come to Bridges through application and interview. Bridges is appropriate for students who have lost credit due to non-attendance issues, illness, or some other significant interruption of their education, are pregnant or parenting, and/or need a different learning environment. Call 817-251-5474 for information.

Eligibility Criteria
- A year or more deficient in credits
- Pregnant or parenting
- Social/economic factors

Students are required to attend 20 hours each week (except for those weeks that include holidays or staff development; those weeks will be adjusted). Students are required to make up all hours that are missed. Academic success is determined by achieving a required percentage of course completion at the end of each 3-week goal check.

Upon acceptance into Bridges, the teacher, advisor, and counselor will develop an Individualized Instruction Plan for the student.

Credit will be given upon satisfactory completion of a course. All courses are based upon district and state requirements of the TEKS. The passing grade is 80.

Application Process
Applications are available online at the Bridges website. Approved applications will receive an email to schedule an interview with the Principal.

Received the state's accountability rating of "A". For more information, view the full 2018-19 report card. NOTE: All districts and campuses are labeled Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster for 2019-2020 (report card).